No. 117, JUNE 1993


The Rise And Rise Of Ambient: an investigation of the roots and future of the chill-out sound that exploding all over Europe.

The Aphex Twin. Boy genius of ambient techno, insomniac, electronic whizzkid – no doubt about it, this lad is talented.

The Orb have taken their ambient sound from a small room in a London club to the top of the charts. Alex Paterson tells us how they did it.

Brown – believe it or not, the fashion colour of the moment.

Dying for Beauty. ‘Slimming diseases’ like anorexia and bulimia are growing. Why are people starving themselves to achieve the ‘perfect’ body?

Kristen McMenamy. The world's weirdest-looking supermodel says she's defining a new ideal of beauty.

Where Are The Male Supermodels? Male models earn less and are less well-known than females. But there's a new generation of gorgeous boys out there….

The Harder They Come: gangster-style menswear from the new designer collections.

Animal Liberation: undercover with the saboteurs and vivisection lab infiltrators.

Big It Up! Bright colours, bold casualwear.

Huggy Nation: riot Grrrls and Huggy Bear fans show us why their scene is the most exciting thing in rock music now.

Catwalk’s Greatest Hits. Who came up with the goods at the Paris/London womenswear shows? Read on!

i-D T-Shirts & Merchandise, plus our new summer shirt by skatewear designers Insane.

Directory - the consumer guide to sunglasses

Printed in UK
Year: 1993
Condition: Very Good for age, General wear