No. 116, MAY 1993

Bjork Cover Star.


Björk - The Sugarcubes' lead singer delivers one of the most stunning albums of '93
Guarding Fortress Britain: despite government panic about refugees coming into the UK, immigration can be a positive force…
Russia - customised fashion and underground art thrive amidst the political system's anarchy.
The A-Z Of European Football - from the top scorers to the dirtiest players!
Jamiroquai is an eco-funk warrior who's battling to live up to the hype surrounding him.
Anne Parillaud. Off-screen, the actress who played Nikita is just as tough and individualistic.
European Rap: Continental MCs are rapping in their own language. Back off,
Eastern European Models: the new faces of '93 are escaping poverty for Western glamour.
Born Here: a European melting pot of multicultural fashion.
New European Designers: Costume National's Italian streetwear and Sabotage's German technochic.
Croatia: Tales From The Frontline. Survival and creation amidst the carnage in former Yugoslavia: a special report from Zagreb
New i-D limited edition T-shirt plus Mambo's sweatshirt and that handy record bag.
Gabberhouse: harder than hardcore, the scary sound of Rotterdam.
Ann Demeulemeester – the rising star of European fashions new wave.

Printed in UK
Year: 1993
Condition: Good, slight ageing to the cover, General yellowing