No. 127, JUNE 1994

Cover Star: Courtney Love.

i-D'S SEX FORUM What does our generation really think about sex? We got a group of young people together to find out.

THE A-Z OF SMUT Oo-er missus! Crikey, vicar! Bonk your way through our cheeky guide to the naughty world of smut.

DO YOU THINK I'M SEXY? Is fashion's provocative new look just another plot by male designers to make women look silly?

JEAN COLONNA'S BLUE MOVIE A twisted fashion thriller directed by the innovative French designer.

COURTNEY LOVE Dishing the dirt with grunge's prodigal daughter in Seattle.

STREET FASHION Bare flesh, corsets and knickers: it's glam up north!

THE PROBLEM WITH AIDS Wear a condom you're safe, right? The answer might be no. Everything you know about AIDS could be wrong...

GIRLS WILL BE BOYS Forget big hair, big teeth and big tits - sex appeal can be subtle. This is a different kind of glamour.

BITCH! Men versus women in rap's gender wars.

ACTING DIRTY Crusty TV: Rachel Weisz stars in a new drama about travellers.

DIRECTORY i-D's consumer guide to sexy underwear.

Printed in UK
Year: 1994
Condition: Very Good for age, General wear